Your K9 Candidate


K9 Evaluation (Pre-Screening)


K9 candidates will be invited for a brief evaluation to determine if this line of work is something that fits the candidate's temperament/personality. During this first meeting, we want to observe your dog's desire to be with strangers, how they interact with other dogs, trainability and their relationship with you.


Positive obedience training and socialization are at the core of our classes.  We will infuse agility, target training and simple scent work to support our training as well as making it challenging and fun.

Training & Testing


Basic Training - We will train the 10 good manners skills found on the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen test.  Once basic training is complete, teams are required to pass the test at a "new to the team" location with a 3rd party AKC CGC approved evaluator.     


Pet Partners Handlers Course & Exam - Designed to teach the handler the skills needed for a safe and effective visit.


Advance Training - Training continues with mock visits and outings in public to prepare both the handler and K9 for assignments.


Pet Partners Team Evaluations Teams are required to take and pass the Pet Partners Team Evaluations at a "new to the team" location with a Pet Partners licensed evaluator. 


All of our teams will be supported with an instructor/mentor until they are ready to head out on assignments on their own or with another TCD team.

Hard Work and Dedication


Training never stops.  Your dedication to training, socializing, the well-being and happiness of your K9 partner is essential to TCD.  We ask for you to commit to training a minimum of 15 minutes a day at home outside of class time.  Not only will you have a great K9 partner, you will have a happier and fulfilled family member.