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Coming Soon - Images of Rover 1
Introducing Rover 1
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Updated December 2023

Stop the Presses

As Founders of TCD we are fully invested in our mission and our goal of having our mobile hospitality unit. Recently Bill & I were presented an amazing opportunity and are excited to announce that we have donated to the organization, a 35' 2005 Georgie Boy Motorcoach.

We are looking forward to fully customizing the coach into our Rover unit, allowing us to expand our reach and services.

The coach will soon be heading off to a specialty shop for estimate of the work to be done.  We hope Rover will be ready to hit the road by next spring, and we are looking for sponsors to help us with funds for the customization project. If you are interested, please contact us at 

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our Hero Families.

Thank you.

Jennifer Holland

Founder/President Tribute Comfort Dogs

September 2022

We are currently raising funds for a custom 24' hospitality trailer we've dubbed Rover.

The Rover trailer has been in the RND phase for the last few years and the final design is in. In August of this year we have received a competitive quote for a custom trailer of $45,000.

Rover's Purpose:

Support our Hero Families

Support Like Minded NPOs

Encourage Community Collaboration

Make Outdoor Events Comfortable to Our Dogs to Work in


Our Board of Directors are "all in" for being forerunners, expanding beyond the traditional therapy dog visit concept. Operation Rover creatively leverages resources to meet the needs of the ever-changing military, veteran, 1st responder community. Believing dogs are perfect social facilitators, we respectfully push against dated practices, always striving to provide greater service to those we support. In comes Rover...with all the comforts of home, including a very important furry family member, happy to see them, loving them unconditionally.


We will invite and host our Hero Families at special events that honor them, their service and their sacrifices. At the many outdoor events in North Texas, the Rover unit will be a place for Hero families gather, rest, meet the dogs and socialize with other Hero Families.


Operation Rover will also an excellent means for us to support community collaboration with other Military, Veteran, and 1st Responder Family Service Organizations. Working together we can increase support to our Hero Families.


It also offers the local business community a "vehicle" to volunteer through or a donation-in-kind opportunity supporting events that honor our very special families.


For our dogs, it will be a home away from home. Rover will be a base for our teams work from. It provides familiarity, comfort and inside the trailer, a place to take a break and rest.

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