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TCD Works Alongside With:

  • Command

  • FRG

  • Yellow Ribbon

  • City Officials

  • Crisis Event Coordinators

  • Veteran/Military/1st Responder Family Organizations

Making a Difference for Those Who Serve

At Tribute Comfort Dogs, we're honored by your interest in welcoming our comfort dog teams. Our mission is simple: to uplift the spirits and provide comfort to service members, veterans, first responders, and their families.

Experienced and Caring Teams

We offer complimentary visits from our happy, well-trained comfort dogs at your facility or event. All our teams are specially trained, tested, and registered with Pet Partners, a leading national therapy animal organization. Our dogs receive annual health exams, parasite testing, and stay up-to-date on vaccinations for your peace of mind.

Building Trust and Understanding

We understand the importance of sensitivity when working with hero families. Many of our handlers are themselves service members, veterans, or family members. We take security seriously, adhering to OPSEC guidelines during planning and visits. Our handlers and volunteers undergo background checks and follow our strict security and confidentiality policies.

Tailored Visits for Optimal Impact

Each comfort dog team visit lasts a maximum of two hours. We ensure clear communication by signing in and out with a designated contact person upon arrival and departure. Our teams always carry proper ID and documentation for your reference.

Planning for Success

Prior to your first visit, we'll meet with you at your facility to discuss logistics, answer any questions you or your staff may have, and tailor visits to best serve your needs.

Always Here for Our Heroes

We're excited to partner with you and support all hero families. In any emergency situation, our teams are on call 24/7 to provide comfort and support at your request.

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