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Our Animal-Assisted Crisis Response (AACR) Team

Tribute Comfort Dogs has an AACR team that is trained and credentialed to provide emotional comfort and support to those affected by the impacts of crisis events, natural or human-caused. This team can be requested by Crisis Event Coordinators with in our home state of Texas.  Please feel free to contact us with a specific request for information about deploying our AACR team.

​What is Animal-Assisted Crisis Response and how is it effective?

AACR is a form of animal-assisted activities - Interacting with calm, well-mannered dogs is known to help decrease heart rate, lower blood pressure and provide comfort to those who have been affected by a traumatic or disaster event. It is effective because they are a safe distraction and interest in the dogs have been found to be impactful when building rapport with a person affected by crisis. 

AACR does not take the place of professional interventions, but provides support in the immediate wake of a crisis through listening, empathy, and sharing the unconditional love of a therapy animal.  AACR can be effective for everyone affected by the impact of a crisis, stress management and compassion fatigue are important considerations when deciding how to take care of first responders and staff members. 

Our AACR Training and Credentialing

Our AACR team has received training and certification from the nation's leading therapy animal organization, Pet Partners.  Which includes psychological first aid concepts, sometimes referred to as mental health first aid, as well as an introduction to the FEMA Incident Command System. 

The K9 half of this team has received the highest rating of Complex Environment by Pet Partners and is continually desensitized to common sights and sounds she may encounter in response to a crisis.  Her health and well-being will always be our priority.

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